In the Museum's yard you will find an extensive collection of
agricultural machinery and tools.
Above is shown a stump jump plough.

Shown above is Stinson's cottage one of Wellington's pioneer houses
 with a dirt floor and slab sides. It was built in 1851.

In another shed is an extensive collection of horse drawn drays and buggies. There is also a number of bakery items including a bread making machine.

We also have one of the earliest stripper/harvesters,
poison carts and a steam engine.

The museum also has one of the last one teacher bush schools which was reerected on the grounds. This is the Windora Bush School and is setup with a replicated classroom of the period including a teacher!

Shown above is one of the earliest tractors in the district, a kerosene fueled
Case from the USA

One of the earliest refrigerators

A large range of agricultural machinery